Video: Building the Sky-Reflector Net at Fulton Center

(Via Enclos) — The Sky Reflector-Net © — an interior atrium shaped by a double-curved tensioned cable net clad by perforated metal panels — is an integrated artwork for the Fulton Center in New York City. It represents an artistic, architectural and engineering collaboration between James Carpenter Design Associates, Grimshaw Architects, Arup and Enclos. The Net was commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit and Urban Design, and the MTA Capital Construction Company.

Enclos provided comprehensive design, engineering and installation services for the Sky Reflector-Net. Light penetrates the atrium through an oculus before being redirected underground, providing subterranean levels with a connection to daylight. The interaction of reflective metal panels with daylight and artificial light at night creates an ethereal, glowing icon for this lower Manhattan transit hub.

The animated sequence was created by the Advanced Technology Studio of Enclos to educate field crews on installation and safety tactics prior to construction. Photography stills were later added to the animation sequence to show the Net’s realization.

Sky Reflector-Net© installation at the Fulton Center from Enclos on Vimeo.