IMOA’s May Stainless Solutions newsletter

Each month, Stainless Solutions from IMOA covers a different stainless steel issue with tips on design and specification, and links to technical resources. This month they introduce new resources on the sustainability of molybdenum containing stainless and carbon steels.

Sustainable Resources

The decisions made in a wide range of industries have a direct effect on the sustainability of our buildings and cities. For example, pollutant emissions can be reduced by choosing longer life construction materials, alternative energy sources, and scrubber systems to minimize emissions. Higher strength carbon and corrosion-resistant stainless steels minimize resource use. Water is a valuable resource and its handling, treatment and recycling are increasingly important sustainability factors.

IMOA’s website has several resources that may be helpful including our Sustainable Architecture page which has links to articles, case studies and life cycle assessment studies. IMOA’s website also has information about molybdenum’s life cycle inventory (LCI) as well as other sustainability information. The International Stainless Steel Forum’s Sustainability website is also an excellent resource.

IMOA has published several case studies and Life Cycle Assessments related to the contribution molybdenum makes to sustainable development – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.