Renaissance Square

For the Renaissance Towers, a slack schedule was simply not allowed. The aggressive schedule employed a hybrid curtain wall system which allowed for the prefabrication of nearly 94-stories of cladding off-site as well as two separate sub-contractor teams to finish both towers in less than 10 months – a ramped up construction schedule fit for a new dawn in development.

White Plains, NY

Developer: Cappelli Enterprise Inc. Valhalla, NY
Architect: Costas Kondylis and Partners LLC New York, NY
Structural Engineers: Rosenwasser Grossman P.C. New York, NY; Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Assocites, Inc. Silver Spring, MD
Mechanical Engineers: Ace Engineering, P.C. Westchester, NY
General Contractor: George A. Fuller Co. Valhalla, NY
Curtain Wall Consultant: Gordan H. Smith Corp. New York, NY
Curtain Wall Fabricator: Sota Glazing, Inc. Brampton, Ontario, CA
Curtain Wall Erector: W&W Glass Systems, Inc. Nanuet, NY; King Glass, Extexer, PA